Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions regarding the Masters of Science in Sustainable Water Management degree.


Q: How much is the tuition?

A: The tuition is $50,000. The tuition rate excludes additional fees and housing

Q: Is there any scholarship available?

A: Yes, scholarship is available and will be awarded based on overall application materials. Students who apply by 1st  February will be guaranteed consideration. Applicants applying after 1st February may still be considered for scholarship, but consideration is not guaranteed. Scholarship awards after 1st February depend on availability of residual funds.

Q: Would the scholarship cover all of my expenses for the program?

A: The scholarship will be granted towards your tuition. It will range anywhere from 0%-100% of the tuition.  The exact amount will be based on individual application strength and availability of funds.

Q: Who can apply to the scholarship?

A: Anyone can apply for the scholarship. Please indicate your interest in you application.

Q: What is the possibility of receiving a scholarship?

A: Fellowships are awarded on the basis of merit to incoming master’s students. Simply mark that you are interested in funding on the application. 25%-75% of incoming students receive some form of scholarship from Tufts Institute of the Environment. Beyond that, Tufts Financial Aid Office administers student loan programs. We do encourage students to seek outside funding, since scholarship support is limited.

Q: Can this be done part time, on line with some core time at Tufts campus?

A: SWM is a cohort-based program. All classes are delivered on campus and cannot be completed online.

Q: What is the minimum GRE?

A: There is no minimum for the GRE. We see the test as one piece of a candidate’s overall profile.

Q: Can my GRE scores be waived? If so, how?

A: Yes, please send an email to to request waiving your GRE Scores. You will then receive a form to fill out. Once submitted, you will receive our response within 7 business days.

Q: Can I apply before my GRE is completed?

A: Yes, you can complete the application without GRE scores. The scores will be sent to us directly once they are ready.

Q: Do I need to have an English language proficiency test?

A: Yes, a TOEFL score of 90 is recommended.

Q: Can I still apply if my TOEFL score is under 90?

A: Yes, you can still apply with a score lower than 90. The ideal candidate will score above 90, but each candidate’s whole application will be taken into consideration.

Q: I haven’t taken any economics/math. May I still apply?

A: Yes. We strongly encourage all students complete an introductory economics and an introductory math courses before they enter the program. If you are admitted but have not completed these courses, we will request that you do so before fall classes begin. A free online course is eligible.

Q: What skills would students learn from the SWM program?

A: You will get a full package of skills depending on your interest and the track of your choice, which are all interdisciplinary. You will gain expertise in water economic, policy, science, and wide range of research analysis tools. Additionally, we will equip you with leadership interpersonal skills as well as management skills such as designing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating programs.  This program is designed with professionals in mind.

Q: What type of jobs should I expect to get when I graduate?

A: Reflecting their diverse interests, SWM graduates go in many directions upon graduation. Students (both U.S. and international) are equip to enter agencies involved with international development, multilaterals, governments, and private sector. The private sector – primarily sustainability firms and environmental consulting companies – draws graduates with strong quantitative skills. Many graduates also pursue careers in the nonprofit sector.

Q: What type of work experience do successful applicants have?

A: Successful applicants have worked across the public, nonprofit and private sectors, generally with some environmental focus. We are seeking a diverse cohort and therefore welcome candidates with many different experiences, united in their commitment to leave Tufts ready to engage in water issues for the betterment of society.

Q: How international/global-minded is the program? i.e. faculty and curriculum

A: This program is international. Our faculty work world-wide on various projects and bring their experiences to the classroom. Global focus will also be practice through the SWM seminar, in which students work on real world case studies as well as simulations. Lastly, the international students bring their global experiences and networks into our classes.

Q: Will applying straight out of college hurt my chances of admission?

A: Most of our successful applicants have relevant full-time work experience after they graduate from college. We occasionally accept exceptional students who are just completing their undergraduate degrees. These individuals have demonstrated through study abroad, volunteer, and/or internship experience their leadership potential, commitment to public service, and environmental engagement.

Q: Does the summer portion follow a class structure or is it a more like a 3-month long research project?

A: The summer portion will not be a class structure. Work in the summer could be in the field doing hands-on work with faculty or an outside organization. You could develop your own specific research project. The agreed deliverable will be presented by the end of the summer.

Q: Would you recommend setting up a formal campus visit?

A: Yes, we highly recommend contacting us, if you are interested in a campus visit. We will tailor an agenda and meetings based on your personal interests. For more info please email us at: Or call us at +1-617-627-3254.