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Apply today to the M.S. in Sustainable Water Management.

Online Application Process

Step 1: Be sure your application checklist is complete.
Step 2: Click the “Proceed to Application” button below.
Step 3: You will be directed to an external page hosted by the Friedman School Slate system.
Step 4: Click “Create an Account” under “First-time users” as shown in the screenshot below. Register by entering your name and contact information.
Step 5: Receive an email from Tufts University Health Sciences with a temporary pin for initial Login. If you do not receive this message in the next few minutes, please check your junk mail folder. Click Login.
Step 6: Change password: make sure to include at least one letter, one capital letter, one number, and 8 characters.
Step 7: Under ‘Your Applications’, please click ‘Start New Application’
Step 8: In the dropdown, choose ‘2018 Friedman School of Nutrition Science’ and Policy, and ‘Create Application’
Step 9: Click Open Application
In the Application, select ‘MS in Sustainable Water Management’ and review the checklist. Click ‘Continue’ when ready.
Step 10: Begin the Application

Follow the on-screen prompts to proceed with your online application.